Wonderful Counsellor

16/04/2015 15:46

Friend, are you sharing your life with your Wonderful Counsellor?

He delights in giving wise advice for your life.  He loves the conversation and companionship you offer Him.

Listen to Him and He will give you a "Word of Truth and Life."

Focus on Him, the Goodness of who He is and stop the idle thoughts that threaten to keep Him from you. Bring all thoughts into alignment and let them all be spiritually centered on who God is.

When we are clearly centered on Him and His Word and Law, then we will hear from Him.

He seeks to be ever growing us spiritually.  He is the One who knows where you must go and what issues you must deal with and how much pain you will face.

He seeks the path that will bring you to the perfect outcome but sometimes we do not want to go on that path, we seek one we think may be easier.

But, friend, He sees that path too and knows that it is not the correct one; for your nature, for your spiritual growth.

Only the one He has chosen for you is the correct one.  Satan will offer an easy route, but because he is evil; it will not lead you to the correct source of Life.  That route is a detour and one designed to capture you and hold you until your time is up and you are found in that predicament of not knowing or having found God's Son, Jesus as your Saviour.

Our Wonderful Counsellor seeks to have your consent to work with you.

Friend, do you give it?