Your Great Friend

11/07/2020 09:47

Friend, is Jesus your Friend?

If not yet, He desires to be your Friend.

He is our biggest Ally,

He is the One who loves us; knows us better than any other, forgives our sins against Him, makes a Way for us when there seems to be no way; consoles and comforts us, heals and teaches us, fights off our enemies, reasons kindly with us, and loves us.

He alone knows the perfect way to navigate our problems and issues to bring us back from the edge of the chasm that we are being drawn to fall into.

He can turn everything bad in our life into something beautiful.

Only God can do these things in Holy Perfection.

However His Law demands that we ask Him for this help.

It takes our cooperation; for no entity must ever be able to say they were enticed or used, or were unwilling to have Him help them.

We are surrounded by clouds of witnesses both in spiritual form and physical form and none of these witnesses should ever be able to say that they witnessed God coercing any other.

Is this not a Pure God? One who allows freedom of will, even though that will is exposed to evil forces which do coerce and cajole.

No, God is not like that. 

He wants only willing souls. Souls that love Him for Who He Is; His Holiness, His Perfection, His Power, His Truth, His Love, His Beauty, His Law and Will.

So, He can be your Great Friend.

If you hope and pray for an end to the madness around you, then you must seek your Friend.

Ask for His Forgiveness; turn away from the madness; accept Him as Saviour from the madness; gaze upon His Beauty as He sits on the Great Throne at the Right Hand of God The Father with His Robes flowing all throughout the Temple, and kneel before Him, your Friend Who welcomes you into The Kingdom.

He is always available to talk to; to pour out your heart to; to open your mind to Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom.

He is always loving you with a Holy and Pure Love; tempered with wise words to help you overcome the pain in the life you have fallen into through unwise choices.

He will bring you out of the miry clay bog; the labryinth, the caves where you hide, into His Pure Light, Love, and Joy Unspeakable.

He will walk before you to Protect you. Your Protector.

He will carry you through the hard times. Your Strong and Mighty Warrior.

He's looking for Disciples who believe so deeply and completely that they can walk beside Him as His friend.

He'll spend your lifetime doing all this and more.

Don't you want this?

It's available to you right now.

We do not know how long our life is going to be; so make your choice now, friend.