Your Spirit Must Be Willing

09/01/2015 09:29

Friend,  are you having difficulties staying within the Will of God? 

Are the changes you must make, becoming burdens because you cannot muster up the will to change or let go of the thing that God is asking you to give to Him?

Sometimes the smallest thing, like committing to never saying a certain swear word again, will not be able to be accomplished under your own power.

But, Jesus God is able to help you.  He has begun the good work and will continue to forgive you and help you to move forward.  You have a second chance to begin again if you have fallen behind and found life threw too many curve balls at you.

That's just evil trying to distract you from what you have given to God and have you slip backwards and make you feel a failure.  To God you are only a failure when you give up and will not give Him permission to go before you and make a Way for you.

He will help you.  Listen for that small "knowing" signal you get before you go to do something that has no value to Him who loves you and died for you to have this new freedom He offers.

The Lord just asks you to have a willing spirit and trust Him.

He loves you.