Inner Peace

19/07/2014 14:06


Is your life complicated?  Mine is - I say that a lot - "It's complicated!"

But ultimately I know it is not too complicated for my Jesus to bring all things together for good, for better outcomes, for growth in Him.

He has taught me that inner peace is gained through living a Holy Spirit filled life.  By allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me down the correct path, life will be more fulfilling.

How do I do this?  How do I know the Spirit is guiding?

We go to God's Word as our testing ground.  The Bible tells us that the evidence or "fruits" of a Spirit filled life are love,  joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

When you practise the first eight, the ninth (self-control) will come naturally.

The devil will be hard at your heels trying to keep you from being Spirit-filled, but ignore him.  He is nothing but a brute who seeks to destroy your joy and take from you all you will accomplish in the spirit.

Satan doesn't like losing any soul.  He fights back by sending many demons to replace the one you outed but fear not, God is with you and you will overcome by focusing only on Him.

Read His Word daily. Gain new insights from the Holy Bible.  Be encouraged knowing God cares for you and is working on your behalf.  Your circumstances may be complicated but God is working to uncomplicate them.  It may take a while depending on what you have got yourself into.

If you slip back, just repent to Him and go forward again.  He is with you!  You will see results!


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Do you Yearn to be a Prodigal?

19/07/2014 14:02

Do you yearn to be a prodigal son?

This life is hard and we go our way and make choices that we think will benefit us in some way, yet the end result is not what we thought it would be.

Many books are written on how to achieve whatever we set our minds to do and we try and try these methods, yet we seem to be at a stand still.

At any age we can choose to change direction, change our thoughts, change our actions and reactions, change our pattern of choices. But change them for what? We need to be sure that change will bring us something of value and not be just another failed attempt at getting what we want out of life.

Jesus gave us the parable of the prodigal son so we could see that He is the Father waiting for us to give up all our wallowing around in the pig's mire and realize that our Father has everything we need at home in His Kingdom and we are welcome to come in our smelly rags. 

He will bring out a beautiful robe to place around our rags, give us a valuable ring to show others that he values and trusts us, and spring for a fancy banquet in our honour when we return to Him. ( All this happens in the heavenlies/spiritually - it uplifts your soul and spirit.)

At home with Him we find Love and Peace.

Will something be required of us? Yes, laziness is not Godly.  He has work for us and it is fulfilling! It is glorious and freeing and suited to your level of faith.

Will you make mistakes?  More than likely - but He is a great Teacher and Kind and Compassionate.

He is waiting for all His prodigal sons and daughters with outstretched arms and a big hug and Holy kiss.

Be brave and make that leap of faith. Be a prodigal child!


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Am I right with God?

19/07/2014 13:57

Am I Right with God?

Beloved, this is a question to ask yourself from time to time.

If your soul was required of you this night, where would it go?

There are only two possibilities as you will find out.  Hopefully before you exit this life, through your seeking and searching you will find the answer.

I have found and wish to share that the two possibilities are Heaven or Hell.

Everything else is a lie.  Perhaps with a sense of truth to get you to believe, but in totality, a LIE.

There is a lot going on in the spirit world but there are only two possibilites for those spirits.  God's Holy angels and inhabitants of Heaven and Satan's demonic demons. 

Now you have to ask yourself which of these you are influenced by. 

There are many quick and simple conclusions.

Addicted to drugs/alcohol that alter the mind and cause the body to crave more.  Satanic influence.

Addicted to using another person to fulfill any desire.  Satanic influence.

Stealing, coveting what another has, lying, cheating, seeking revenge, hating on others.  Satanic influence.

If we are honest we will see that the father of lies has used us in some way, even if at this present moment, we are not under his influence.

The bible says that Satan came to kill, steal and destroy.

Kill our physical body before we get a chance to know we have a Saviour!

Steal our soul when we die, because he has kept us in bondage while we were alive.

Destroy our spirit, while we are alive so he can steal the soul.

Satan is good at what he does.  He entices us with the things of the world which appeal to our baser nature.

Anything that will destroy the body - alcohol, cigarettes, illict drugs, sexual perversions.

We try these things because the first use or try is pleasureable for the mind and body.  We immediately want more and he knows it.

Because we have free will from God and are not robots, we merrily go on our way down the path of destruction for our soul.

Satan perverts every good thing that God has given us, starting with free choice, because soon, it is not our choice anymore, we are hooked and driven by the lust for that sin.

Satan gets in the door early with children, getting them to be deceitful to parents ( which we usually think is cute) just as he did in the garden of Eden with Eve and then Adam who blamed God for the whole mess.

But, God had a plan that Satan was not privy to.  God would Himself send His Son (Himself) to be a sacrifice so that a New Way could be made for those who were not Satanic. 

We can renounce any allegiance to Satan now and accept the sacrifice of God and start out anew.

Praise God for the Sacrifice, the Plan, His Power over all things and the New Law which does not do away with the old Law but is in addition to.

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Willingness or Wilfulness

19/07/2014 13:54

Willingness or Wilfulness

Dear Friend,  Are you willing to find Love - or is your wilfulness going to impede your spiritual growth?

This is a question to ponder...

Is my spirit willing, or is my flesh wilful to do as it pleases, even though my spirit wills change for me?

Dear one, make an effort to discipline the flesh/mind so the spirit can have it's day in the sunshine too!

Do not deny the spirit who listens to the Holy Spirit of God and is God (Triune God,Son,Spirit).

The Holy Spirit is hovering over you to envelope you in Love, Peace & Truth, anytime you are willing to move forward.

Begin to identify the areas of your life that have your body or mind captured and rebuke them in the name of Jesus, from your life one by one- for there are always many.

Blessings to you in the name of Lord Jesus!




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Afraid of the Bible?

19/07/2014 13:51

Afraid of the Bible?

Many are!  However none of us should ever leave this life before having read through the Gospel of John.  It comes after Luke.  I have heard it recommended to read through John's gospel at least three times to fully understand what is written there.  One should take their time in doing this.  Put it down when there is something to mull over and alllow your mind to question.

Sometimes we're afraid that something will be required of us.  An act of obedience that we in our unbelief think we could not do, perhaps?

Friend, do not be afraid.  God is good.  He knows the way for you.  If He asks something of you, do you think it will not be for your good, for personal growth, for enlightenment? 

He knows what your next step should be.  He knows how to orchestrate what has been going on in your life and bring you to a place of joy. He knows you can only do baby steps, and He is there for you to lean on. 

Why continue doing what you have been doing and expecting a different result?  It will not happen.

Something has to change.  Read the fourth book in the New Testament as if a trusted friend is speaking to you, and be blessed by John's words.

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The Secret Place

19/07/2014 13:46

My friend, have you found the secret place to live while in the world?

I have, take my hand and walk with me.

Let me introduce you to my Friend.  He is Jesus.  He is God the Son.

He loves me.  He listens to me.

In times of trouble He is my Fortress when evil is assaulting me. I go there and am safe, knowing He is working all things together for my good in Him.  Yes, it may not be what I want or think is the best, but He, seeing the big and full picture, knows the best route to take.  I just trust Him as I keep walking along covered by His Love.

In that Fortress of Love I find real security.  I am able to focus on Him and enjoy His presence and wisdom.  He shows me the freedom I have when I let Him deal with the evil that surrounds me. 

While in the Fortress, He has shown me that to worship Him and pray to Him unlocks the chains that bind me and allows Him to demolish the evil barriers in my life.  In this state I gain strength and enlightenment for my life's path.  I see the real choices I have and can identify evil more readily. 

Patience is also gained as I see that His timing is better than my understanding, but He gives hope and encouragement during the times of waiting.  My spirit is renewed as I worship Him as my Redeemer.

I hope the Fortress is where you run to in times of uncertainty or trouble, but if not I strongly encourage you to go there.  Reach out your hand and speak to Him.  A contrite heart will unlock the door.

Thank you my friend, enjoy your journey!


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Is it hard for you to commit to Jesus?

19/07/2014 13:42

Are you held back by the desire to understand the God of the Christian Bible, before you can commit to or acknowledge Jesus?

Many are, yet God sees that as pride based on personal intelligence, and as a block to spiritual growth.

Has He not shown by the created universe that He is All in All?

The oceans and sea are just one of the things we should contemplate. A blade of grass springing forth from the tiny seed is another.  There is so much to consider, yet we insist on understanding every little thing about the world and universe as if these discoveries will give us some other meaning than - God is All in All.

This searching keeps us from knowing Him.  It is not wise to make your life a continual search.  One day your soul will be required at the Judgement.

Have faith that God will give to you understanding when you acknowledge Him. 

That is the true journey - God revealing Himself to you as you walk together down the Righteous path.


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